Building XPMP2 and the Sample Plugin

Two Projects: XPMP2 Full Build and Sample Plugin only

There are two separate projects provided in the XPMP2 repository:

Using either project works similarly when it comes to building. For the main XPMP2 projects start in the XPMP2 root folder. For the XPMP2-Sample stand-alone project start in the XPMP2-Sample folder.

Then, there are two options to build from sources:

Options Windows MacOS Linux
IDE Visual Studio 2019 XCode 12 -
Docker Mingw64 clang, SDK 11.1 Focal and Bionic

Using an IDE


Results are in build/x64.

The XPMP2.lib library is also copied into XPMP2-Sample/lib to be available in a subsequent build of the sample plugin.


My development environment is Mac OS, so expect the XCode environment to be maintained best. Open XPMP2.xcodeproj resp. XPMP2-Sample/XPMP2-Sample.xcodeproj in XCode.

In the XCode Build Settings you may want to change the definition of the User-Defined build macro XPLANE11_ROOT: Put in the path to your X-Plane 11 installation’s root path, then the XPMP2 binaries will be installed right there in the appropriate Resources/plugins sub-folder structure.

Using Docker

A docker environment based on Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04 is provided, which can build all 3 platforms, Linux even in two flavors.

6 individual make targets are available:

Find results in the respective build-<platform> folder, the XPMP2 library right there, the Sample and Remote plugins in their proper <platform>_x64 subfolder.

The resulting library/framework are also copied into XPMP2-Sample/lib/<platform> so it is accessible if building the Sample plugin from the Sample project only.

For more details and background information on the provided Docker environments see the docker/README.md.