Deploying XPMP2-based Plugins

XPMP2 needs a couple additional files to work. In your calls to XPMPMultiplayerInit and XPMPLoadCSLPackage you provide the locations to the folders holding these files.


You should ship all the files provided in the Resources folder:

These files have all to be installed in the same folder. It is good practice to install these files in a folder named Resources in the plugin’s folder. Your plugin provides XPMP2 with the folder location in the resourceDir parameter of the XPMPMultiplayerInit call (see XPMPMultiplayer.h for more details).

You do not need to and shall not ship the XPMP2 Remote Client with your plugin. This plugin is maintained and provided centrally. Please refer your users to

CSL Models

CSL Models are not shipped with XPMP2. They are available as separate downloads. Recommended sources are:

You may want to refer to LiveTraffic’s detailed CSL model installation instructions.

While it is recommendable to have the models installed somewhere under the plugin’s folder, the CSL packages’ location is a matter of convention. Your plugin provides the folder location of CSL packages in one or more calls to XPMPLoadCSLPackage.

Additional .obj files next to the existing ones might be generated during runtime by XPMP2 for replacing dataRefs and textures. A plugin can control this behaviour via configuration settings. See here for details.